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As an administrator of a organisation, you can easily insert content from ClubPeople on your organisation's website.

To find the code to insert on the website, click "Administrate" under the organisation, and click "Homepage Tools".

Login box

The tab "login box" has two fields with code and two with examples.

After inserting the first field with code on your website, the login box will appear, making it easy for members to log in to ClubPeople directly.
If the second field with code is inserted on the website, a link will appear. Requesting membership in the organisation on ClubPeople is ultimately made very easy.


To add the organisation's ClubPeople calender on the website, the code is inserted on the website.

Note: For the calender to be shown, the organisation must be published to the internet on ClubPeople. For instructions, read the guide Publish your organisation to the Internet.


The tab "organisation news" contains the code to get your organisation's news shown directly on the organisation's own website, and iGoogle.

Per default the news field is 500 pixels wide. Where required, this can be increased or decreased. This is achieved by typing in the desired width in the appropriate field, and clicking "Update".
The code above will then be corrected, and can be easily copied to the organisation's own website.
At the bottom of the page you'll find the code for an iGoogle link, enabling the members to add the organisation's news to their iGoogle with ease.

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