Adding Intranet users To Cms

The last sub-tab present in the Pages and Content tab is the 'Intranet Users'. When you click on the Intranet Users sub-tab, the page appears like this:

Here you can grant login permissions to the users who are present in the CMS website.

When the user clicks on the Intranet Users link, a dialog box opens which looks like this:

Here you find three pages

  • Club People - In this page you can search the name of the club people members, you can also narrow down your search by filtering the members by the organization and the groups related to those organizations.
  • My Friends - In this page you can select the users in the Club People network who are your friends.
  • Email - In this page, you can add external users who are not registered to club people network by sending them e-mail invitations to join club people.

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