Sub users (Parent/Child-function)

This function allows you to create new users under your own profile, though you will have only one login (one emailaddress) for several users. This is useful and relevant when parents wish to control their child's profile on ClubPeople, and handle their registrations. A sub user can, at any time, be converted to a regular user by changing the email address on the sub user's profile.

When a sub user is created, you have the option to switch between the users, and thereby appear as the user you switch to on ClubPeople.

1. Create a Sub User

Log on using your normal user login on If you do not have a user account, create one on (as the main user - e.g. the parent)

Once you are logged in, click on the link "SWITCH" in the top left corner of the site, above the logo for ClubPeople:

You should then see the page displayed below:

Type in the name of the sub user you wish to create in the field "Add new sub user", and click the green plus icon under "Add".
The sub user is now created.

1. The parent creates a user account on ClubPeople (the parent does not need to apply for membership in the organisation).
2. The parent creates their child as a sub user, and switches to the child's profile.
3. When switched to the child's profile, fill out the profile information.
4. You need to switch to the child's profile when applying for membership to a organisation, so it's the child becoming a member of the organisation (not the parent).

(You can create multiple children under one parent, if you wish)

2. Switch User

Once you have created a sub user, you can freely switch between the different user profiles. This is done by clicking the icon under "Switch User", under My Profile. Alternatively, you can click the link "SWITCH", near the top left corner of ClubPeople. When switching user you will instantly start browsing the site as the selected user, and can even register for events etc as this user.

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