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Using the first sub category "Company" you can include your company's information in your webshop.

Here you can choose a title, currency, VAT and language. The company information is filled out as desired. Additionally, if you own a payment gateway, information for this can be typed in too.

Whenever you check the box "Active" the transactions will be completed. When the box "Test Mode" is checked, nothing will be withdrawn from the purchasing accounts.
If you are in doubt about "Merchant Id" and "MD5", feel free to contact us for further assistance.

When the desired changes have been made, click on "Save".

In "Text on order confirmation" you can compose text which will appear for the customer on their order confirmation. This is optional because the default text will always be shown with items and prices etc.

As displayed on the picture below, the text is included, below the normal order confirmation.

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